JUPITER staffs would personally travel with customer’s goods in order to deliver them to customer’s side in a fast and safe manner.

Shipment will be carried by our own staff from origin to destination. We accept booking at any time, while shipment can be delivered on the same day with no extra cost. It is the safest and fastest way to ship samples, component parts, as well as documents.

All we need are the basic documents that show as follows:

  • Name and phone number of shipper and consignee
  • Cargo ready date
  • Address of pick-up location and destination
  • Information of goods, such as number of cartons, weight, packing list, commercial invoice and dimension

Our procedure of handling is shown as follows:

  1. Prepare air ticket on the first available flight and proper onboard documents
  2. Pick up shipment from customer.
  3. From original location to final destination.
  4. Arrange customs clearance in destination.
  5. Deliver shipment.
  6. Revert to shipper by POD (Proof Of Delivery).